About the AI Trust Foundation

The AI Trust Foundation (“The AI Trust”): The AI Trust is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit founded by leaders in technology, law, academia, and philanthropy to serve as the leading voice for guiding AI technology to safe and beneficial uses. We provide members with unique and timely offerings by bringing together diverse experts and stakeholders to accelerate solutions to new safety, technology, and governance challenges.

There is an immediate need for industry leaders and other key stakeholders to inform and set the stage for AI industry standards and regulations. The AI Trust Foundation will enable interested parties from across the AI ecosystem to work collaboratively to address key AI issues. The AI Trust Foundation, through its members, will advance a strategic initiative that will build public confidence in AI and advance the groundwork needed to solve complex safety, technology and governance challenges.

Strategic Advisors

Pillsbury’s AI team serves as advisors to the AI Trust Foundation. Our advisors are global leaders in intellectual property, data privacy, cybersecurity, and antitrust law and policy, along with specialists who hold advanced degrees in computer science, engineering, and machine learning. The advisor leadership team includes: The Honorable Jerry McNerney (D-California) and former Chair of the AI Congressional Caucus, Elizabeth Vella Moeller, Pillsbury’s Government Law and Strategies Group Leader, and Tony Phillips, a Partner in Corporate Investigations and White Collar Defense.


Launching the AI Trust Foundation On October 11, 2023, AvePoint (Nasdaq: AVPT), the most advanced platform to optimize SaaS operations and secure collaboration, hosted the launch of the AI Trust Foundation, a non-profit membership organization designed to be the leading voice for promoting beneficial AI through education and outreach at all levels of society, at its #shifthappens Conference in Washington, D.C. More…

Advancing Beneficial AI The AI Trust Foundation (“The AI Trust”) is a Washington, DC based nonprofit organization founded by leaders in industry, philanthropy, and academia to serve as the leading voice for advancing beneficial AI by building public confidence in AI through education and outreach at all levels of society. Our Purpose Benefits of Membership The AI Trust…

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