Advancing Beneficial AI

The AI Trust Foundation Team

The AI Trust Foundation (“The AI Trust”) is a Washington, DC based nonprofit organization founded by leaders in industry, philanthropy, and academia to serve as the leading voice for advancing beneficial AI by building public confidence in AI through education and outreach at all levels of society.

Our Purpose

  • Founding Members of The AI Trust recognize that there is an urgent need to educate and inform the public and key stakeholders on the future of AI standards and regulations.
  • To address this need, a diverse group of stakeholders have launched The AI Trust to lead an inclusive, effective effort to build public confidence in AI and advance the new landscape for AI policy.
  • The AI Trust is seeking engagement from diverse stakeholders to help build public confidence in AI and advance the groundwork needed for regulations and legislation to address new safety, technology, and governance challenges.  

Benefits of Membership

The AI Trust will provide Members unique and timely service offerings, including:

  • A seat at the table of the leading beneficial AI organization working to address complex safety, technology, and governance challenges related to powerful new systems.
  • An experienced team of strategic advisors including Congressman Jerry McNerney, the former Chair of the Congressional AI Caucus and issue specialists with advanced degrees in computer science, engineering, and machine learning.
  • Access to expert advisory groups focused on educating, engaging, and producing actionable recommendations, high-impact roundtables, site visits, and VIP leadership events.

Advisory Groups: Accelerating Action on Top Legal, Regulatory, and Policy Priorities

The AI Trust has built a global team of AI specialists to educate the public and key decisionmakers by providing actionable recommendations on issues challenging the deployment of beneficial AI, including:

Regulatory Framework
Advancing an effective framework and standards for data and content security, attribution, and risk management.
Critical Infrastructure
Adopting AI safety brake models with human on/off switch for critical infrastructure systems which utilize AI.
Digital Liability
Adapting existing liability systems to address new challenges posed digitization.
Trade and National Security
Promoting fair export control policies for AI products and services.
Investment in AI R&D
Accelerating investment in AI R&D, including development of the National AI Research Resource (NAIRR).
Equity and Civil Rights
Prioritizing civil rights in the design, development, and deployment of AI systems.
Procurements Policies
Establishing best practices in public procurements to spur innovation in AI
Intellectual Property (IP)
Supporting fair copyright law and fair use policies

Strategic Advisors for The AI Trust:

The AI Trust is advised by lawyers and policy specialists with Pillsbury, LLP, a global law firm focused on emerging Artificial Intelligence laws, regulations, and policy. Strategic advisors for The AI Trust Include:

The Honorable Jerry McNerney

The Honorable Jerry McNerney (D-California), former Chair of the AI Congressional Caucus. Congressman McNerney brings more than 16 years of Congressional service, along with a PhD in Mathematics and 20+ years of cutting-edge technology and energy industry experience to his representation of AI industry leaders. Congressman McNerney served as an active Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Science, Space, and Technology Committee.

Elizabeth Vella Moeller

Elizabeth Vella Moeller, Partner, Government Law and Strategies Group Leader. Elizabeth Vella Moeller specializes in Artificial Intelligence (AI) law and policy, advising technology industry leaders on solutions to complex governance, safety, and technology challenges. For more than two decades, Elizabeth has delivered high-impact legislative and regulatory results for technology industry leaders, sovereign governments, and national nonprofits.

Tony Phillips

Tony Phillips, Partner, Corporate Investigations and White-Collar Defense. A former federal prosecutor and Fortune 50 tech lawyer, Tony Phillips concentrates his practice on beneficial, ethical, and responsible AI, tech regulation and enforcement, and corporate governance. With experience supporting strategic-level global human rights reviews and a firm grasp on corporate civil rights risks, Tony helps companies navigate the increasingly complex field of regulations impacting platforms and hosting services.

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